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As we come into the final stretch of summer holidays, don't let up on your efforts to keep bugs from bugging you!   We still have a few bottles of Take A Hike Outdoor Joose, Bug-Off Spray and Bug Repellant Reed Diffusers .  Don't let the little critters spoil your outdoor fun!

Those of you suffering from seasonal hayfever and allergies may find it helpful to use Aquamarine, Blue Lace Agate, Chrysoprase and/or Rutile Quartz crystals to reduce the reactions and inflammations you experience. Ask Pat how to utilize these gifts from Mother Nature for your comfort.

Have been working with a client in Boundary Bay on keeping rodents away from her home and garden using an aromatic product we created . Her first reports are encouraging. If you are having issues with these little beasties, call me and I'll let you know what we've discovered. 



Sometimes we need a special something for a special person. Giving a gift of health and healing is always appreciated. Come in and see the gift sets, ornaments, aromatherapy blends, diffusers, books, crystals, jeweled treasure boxes, prayer and meditation candles, inspirational banners,angel ornaments and stones we have for sale. Or purchase our GIFT DOLLARS in any denomination – a perfect way for someone to get EXACTLY what they want!


We have several “how-to” and inspirational books for your reading pleasure. From meditation to mind-body connection; animal totems to aromatherapy; stress and grief relief to Native spiritualism. There are books on chakra healing to energy healing with crystals, colour and sound; magical beings to angels, we have something sure to pique your interest. We also have oracle cards by several well-known authors.


Many folks are creating sacred spaces in their homes and offices. Do you need something to remind you to take a moment to ~ breathe ~ reflect ~ rejoice ~ get grounded? How about meditation music, crystal, candles, salts, smudging tools, or aromatherapy oils for diffusion or anointing? You can also find Chakra Chimes. Inspirational Banners and pillows or perhaps you need a Tibetan Singing Bowl. We can help you find unique ways to create your personal space and meditation practice.


There are many ways to foster energetic health and healing. The human energy field can be boosted, balanced and protected with the use of colour, sound, crystals and aroma in and around it. Use a Colour Energy Bath with corresponding essential oils and crystals to balance chakras. Write a personal journal and practice the many positive self-affirmations found in the oracle cards. Spray your home and yourself with aromatherapy blends. Place crystal clusters and points around your home, office and car to help set up a healing grid. Use salt lamps and smudging tools to cleanse the environment of all toxins. Play beautiful music. We have many items to help keep your energy radiant!



Come in and experience the world of Natural Comfort.

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